2014 China (Beijing) International Technology Transfer Conference

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The holding of Beijing International Technology Transfer Conference (ITTC) builds an important international platform for supporting Beijing’s “World City” and “City of Innovation” effort and has facilitated the landing of a series of major international technology transfer projects in Beijing. On the other hand, ITTC has played a significant role in moving nation-wide and worldwide technology transfer forward by attracting governmental agencies, hi-tech enterprises, research institutes and universities from nearly 20 provinces and regions. More than 4,000 representatives from over 40 foreign countries and 20 provinces/cities of China were present at the previous three ITTCs. Through the previous three ITTCs, over 500 cooperation intentions have been reached, and contracts of 60 projects worth over CNY 50 billion have been signed.

For the purposes of further promoting international innovation cooperation and technology transfer of hi-tech enterprises, universities and research institutes in Beijing and throughout China, and assisting in innovation-driven and restructuring upgrade in Beijing and even throughout China, it is planned to hold the fourth China (Beijing) International Technology Transfer Conference (ITTC 2014) at Beijing International Convention Center in April 2014.

ITTC 2014 will seek to promote international innovation cooperation and technology transfer matchmaking between industries, universities and institutes from China and foreign countries in the forms of “forum, seminar, show, matchmaking, and exhibition” by focusing on the theme of “Wisdom Beijing, Multidisciplinary Fusion, Mutual Benefit and Win-Win”, running through “technology innovation, financial service, intellectual property, skills development”, and gearing towards “beautiful ecology, comfortable life, healthy living, and intelligent production”.

Focusing on the theme of “Wisdom Beijing, Multidisciplinary Fusion, Mutual Benefit and Win-Win”, ITTC 2014 will enable multidisciplinary fusion between fields, upper stream and downstream technologies, industrial chain elements, cultures and regions by establishing country-based sessions, guide and bring together a number of international technology transfer projects depending on open innovation ideas, and introduce those projects to China by involving support service agencies.

ITTC 2014 will invite 40 guests from over 30 countries to offer advices and suggestions on combining global innovation development and international technology transfer trends with opportunities available in China; and more than 1,000 technology demand and supply matchmaking sessions will be held in the combination of “online + offline” forms. In addition to providing tailored guidance to enterprises of varied sizes, ITTC 2014 will deliver specific services in conjunction with innovation advantages and unique practices of different countries.

 ITTC 2013 Summary Report

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